The Constitution of Conscience

Part Two

   As for the interactive ‘brain holodeck' globally, in our new
Net reality, consider how the same Constitution (Part I)
     applies to social
Conscience in our global social networks:

Understanding ~spherical awareness
for Unity Conscience in the
Public Sphere’:

 – The social contract framed by five core Constitutional freedoms 
              is for informed choice above all, and the ‘O’ in this 
aw naturally
social Conscience in our numerous social networks.
              This “most sacred of all property” (James Madison) is always
              and all ways a covenant with the 
prime directive of Conscience; 
              to do no harm in the public 
sphere.  In our global village today, 
              interactive mass-to-mass TeLeComm will cross-reference and
              integrate our gifts, talents and resources for the sacred purpose of
              our most valued virtues governing Net reality with a 
              Unity in our diversity, the ‘O’ centering the cross in ‘
’, is the ‘bullseye’
              whereby we focus attention with 
pure intention for conscientious
              evolutionary ascension into the 
5th Dimension with the ~blueprint
              (heartware) for culturing 
social Conscience in our Net reality via the
aw anguage of the Constitution of 5-D Conscience.

 – In the non-linear realms of spherical Conscience, and as the veil 
              thins to ‘
-point’ with Galactic Alignment surge in the quantum field,
              the golden rule/law language for every golden age increasingly
              becomes self-evident with the 
Effective Sensory Perception (ESP)
              which knows better and does better to wholly integrate the temporal
              with the timeless, the practical with the spiritual, and our five core 
              freedoms with their core sacred purpose of 
social Conscience.
              This is the purpose and plan of a process for conscious evolution
              in our instant-everywhere and interactive global social networks. 
              Common sense -- the 
focused attention of Unity Conscience --
              only asks that we 
              and connects all 
archetypes with the non-linear unconditional 
NE law language for atONEment with 5-D Conscience.

– The 'THRONE OF ' is the 'THRee-in-ONE' of the 'Holy Trinity' as
pure intention~ focuses attention~ through loves retention~
with heartware in our social networks. This process upgrades our horse-
 representation of core Constitutional freedoms with a process of
               'information's ecology' as will recycle general knowledge in the interactive
               way that generates specific wisdom with 
in form and frequency... 
               as in frequently.  The '3-fold-flame' of 
intention, attention and retention 
               thus gives UNIVERSAL meaning to the 
TRINITY process of Co-Creation 
               at the 
heart of public collaboration and cooperation. By defining and refining
               this process of 
Universal Co-Creation, we end up combining and shining
               our God-given gifts and talents through an accelerated learning process for
               self-correcting self-governance as 
triangulated by the '' in 's 
" (Co-Creation) with the angles/angels of 5-D Conscience.

– The 'plan' (looking down on the pyramid of 'Self' and 'Society') has been
                known anciently to native cultures as the '4 winds' of the 'Great Spirit', the 'O'
                which symbolizes the 'capstone' of the pyramid, the 'Medicine Wheel' of 
                Native Americans and the mandalas in Hopi weavings and sacred Tibetan
                sand paintings. This '
' archetype integrates the 3-fold -- archetypes
                and their 
intention, attention and retention coordinates IN TIME (4-D) 
ascension into the 5th dimension - (Unity 'Capstone' Conscience).
                This archetype of archetypes is a universal symbol referrenced in Christian
                 mysticism as the 'City 4-square' and the '4-square Gospel'. The Father of
                 modern psychology, Carl Jung, recognized this archetype as a frame of 
                 reference for repeating patterns in the 'collective unconscious'; myths and
                 metaphors for cultural designs, religious rituals, creative learning processes
                 and the core processes of consciousness framing one's self governance.
                The Ascended Masters have given dictations (E. C. Prophet) referencing
                 the 3-D version of this 'plan' as the '
Cosmic Cube' - "the most powerful
                 thoughtform in the Universe and the key to the ascension of the planet.

                 The 3 dimensions of this 'Cosmic Cube' defines the 'light language" for
                  heartware whereby the dimensions of each one's holodeck are engaged
                  from upper-to-lower brain, left-to-right brain and rear-brain to forebrain
                  in the way that involves & evolves our individual & collective 

                 This is the THE VISION for interactive mass-to-mass TeLeComm as a
                  high tech metaphor of the high touch process for culturing 
                  the heart of Cultural DNA for global healing with Universal Self Care:
the global sacred purpose of the Constitution of 5-D Conscience:

Geometrizing the 'Source Code' with
the 'Articles of Faith' for a millennial
Aquarian Dispensation

Framing the "A, B, C's" of Universal Law:
  A.  Alpha Avatar Archetypes of ;
   B.  Beatitude Benefits of "B"ing 
  C. Conscious Coordinates for "
C"ing with
+= on all 4 sides of 's Capstone.

"To understand the nature of God, it is necessary only to know
the nature of love itself.  To truly know love is to know and 
understand God; and to know God is to understand love."

~ Dr. David R. Hawkins, "The Eye of the I" (pg. 88)

This Capstone Conscience
is dedicated to the
One Eye


Look to SEE ~ Know to BE ~ 'Geometrically Ordered Divinity'
G.O.D.~ in form and frequency as in frequently);
the '
Language of the Angels' (our better nature) at the
heart of the Law of the Angles of G.O.D.~.
Linking the light (light language) of, by and for
Lightworkers, Lightweavers, Lightbearers
for more light (conscious evolution)
in our 'individual' and 'collective'
consciousness in general,
and global ascension of
Unity Conscience
in particular.

Establishing the Worldwide  Foundation with
  better discernment as
'Effective Sensory Perception'
THE BLESSING of, by and for more Light & Love
easier and faster.

CopyRound 2015 © ww Foundation

All “Rights” () Well “Rounded” () & “Synergized” () via
the cross-referenced circle of wholEness centering and
connecting ,  & 
 in the  CAPstone’ of wholEness:

"In the beginning, God geometrized." 
~ Ancient Hermetic Wisdom
"In the end, we become what we geometrize." 
~ Modern (
G.O.D.~ ) Wisdom


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