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The Meaning of atonement as atnement:
by Christos Lightweaver



Law of the ne: Spherical~ Heart Coherence in all archetypes of


Linear                Nonlinear            Synergy        'The Capstone'
(Two-in-One)    (Law of One)    (Three-in-One)    (Four-in-One)

We're all chips off the same holographic block of, by and for atnement.


“Our minds will unite like the fragments of a hologram.”
~ Terrance McKenna, from:
 'Nonlinear Perception'


Law of the two-in-ne: inear, eft-brain framing of the ne Law;
unity in our diversity requires a frame of reference for at

The Law of the Angles of G.O.D., Geometrically Ordered Divinity
frames the Language of the Angels of
Love, our better nature."
~ Christos, from: 'Law of LOVE'


Law of the three-in-ne:  The Thrne of G..D.~ as Creator;
the best of both worlds (
 & ) are synergized () for atnement.

“The flow of the Creative energies of Conscience
through the
holy trinity of Co-Creation
acts to organize that system."
~ Christos, from 'Evolution'


Law of the four-in-ne: Four components to the capstone Conscience;
cross-referenced (
), centered (), synergized () via atnement ().

Law of the five-in-ne: whol-E integration of all the above (so below);
   the whol-
E whole is greater than the sum of the , ,  &  atnement,

The Meaning of holy as 'whol-E

Whol-E Purpose: the Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age as represents
   a self-fulfilling prophecy whereby 
 heals our consciousness with the 
E spirit of -in-action at the heart of a global rEVOLUTION in
 Conscience via interactive mass-to-mass TeLeComm for 
 culturing social 
TLC Conscience - cyberEthics - in global social networks.

 Note that the words whole, holistic, holy & holographic all have the same
root-word meaning, the Anglo Saxon 'hal' which means sound or whole.
Obviously, when we're of sound mind and body, the whole or holy spirit
dwells within us. A framework for this understanding of wholEness is
the holographic order of the universe represented in pure geometry
 thoughtforms, The LOVE Model, for the expansion of consciousness
 along more 
E-lightnened lines that frame E-valuation criteria for 
Ethics (heartware) at the heart of interactive TeLeComm.

The Understanding of whol-E Purpose:

"To understand the nature of God, it is necessary only to know
the nature of love itself.  To truly know love is to know and 
understand God; and to know God is to understand love."

~ Dr. David R. Hawkins, "
The Eye of the I" (pg. 88)

This Capstone Conscience
is dedicated to the
One Eye


TLC at the Heart of Conscious Evolution

Tender Loving Care is the Spirit that matters
for whol
Eness and global healing with
spiritual practicality; focusing pure
intention for love's retention
and conscious ascension
in the dimension of

  TeLeCommunity:  E-governance with a heart via real-time on-line heartware
for self-governing social networks; a self-regulating cybernetics process for
upgrading core Constitutional freedoms with the Constitution of Conscience
  at the heart of TeLeC
omm networks for REAL (vs. virtual) TeLeCommunity;

   TeLeConscience: E-learning for educating the heart via real-time on-line cyberEthics
  at the heart of social networks;
 a self-correcting learning process for heart coherent
  "mass mediation" (coOperative CommUNIcaTIon coOrdination) as will involve/evolve
and otherwise culture 
TLC at the heart of global mass-to-mass TeLeConscience;

   TeLeCare: E-care for global holistic healing with free online TeLeCare standards
 for the analysis, prevention and treatment of all disease; a Universal Self Care
 model for building health and preventing disease with health assurance policies
  as link personal needs to professional services that represent public

TeLeCommerce: E-commerce for the 4th wave business of evolution at the heart of
the evolution of business with heartware cyberEthics for the currency of Conscience
 that upgrades social Conscience in social networks for our ethical

Note that E-valuation criteria for all heartware TeLeComm has one thing in common:
culturing social Conscience in social networks with TLC via informed choice
-- organizing information IN FORMATION with
defining and refining what
 is real for Enlightenment in our core social institutions,
 culturing Effective Sensory Perception as Conscience in our social networks, and
gathering of the tribes of
Is Real (United Sovereigns of Earth) in the process.

Conscious evolution via consciousness-based real-time interaction... 
what a concept at this unprecedented time of global transformation!
With mass-to-mass TeLeComm, emphasizing the
at the heart of global rEVOLUTION...  

~ C.

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All 'Rights'~ Well 'Rounded'~ and 'Synergized'~ for wholEness~
with the five biomimicry archetypes of universal-cosmic 
as corresponds to the 'Archetypal Future of Time'.