On the Path

This is a true story that changed my life with an amazing
experience which initiated my life-long journey
unveiling the mysteries of .

by Christopher Rudy

Going out the door, 'on the path...'

This journey began with an inner discontent with college that led me from the study of architectural engineering at Ohio State University to a personal study of modern psychology (Jung) and the archetypes in the collective consciousness of humanity. 

My fervent intent to know the design criteria for inspired spaces on the outer led me to deep insight into the archetypal frame of reference for 'Co-Creation' with the 'Creative Spirit' on the inner.

"The prayer of desire is not seldom
the prelude of the revelation."

~ Krishnamurti

In deep meditation and prayer for direction, a dialogue with that "small voice within" began answering my big questions about the deeper meaning of life.  As simple questions were answered, an enthusiasm for more insight awakened understanding of the "golden thread" (archetypal maps of consciousness) weaving the fabric of 'The Masks of God' which have guided the evolutionary ascent of humanity.

This dialogue with my 'Higher Self' culminated with the big question: "So what do I do now"... which was immediately followed by a booming voice of Higher Power as I had never heard, saying: "ALL THINGS FOLLOW FROM THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE".

Since my study of universal archetypes had brought me to an understanding of the golden thread of wisdom common to ancient and modern maps of consciousness, this voice of higher Conscience was telling me what I already knew at some level.  But what I experienced next took it to that next level. 

My back arched as energy shot up my spine from base to crown.  First I flashed through my past like a near-death experience, and then I saw into the future with a kind of "future memory" (knowing) that was effortless... whatever I wanted to know.
The sense of weightless bliss, wonder and bright light immediately passed when my ego popped back in to this past/future life review with the thought, "I'm really there".  The consequent sense of falling into darkness... and then intently returning to the light... internalized as awareness of a 'balance of powers' whereby Conscience checks the ego at the threshold of awareness.

  This was no ordinary "life-changing" experience. 
I began seeing auras around people and knew
   what they were going to say before they said it. 
  It irritated everyone of course, but intrigued me,
 and I determined to seek the path of 'knowing'.

I was quickly led by curiosity to places where I could get my hands on books dealing with 'the mysteries' understood by mystics, seers and spiritual visionaries throughout history.  One of those books was 'The View Over Atlantis' which explained how 'geomancers' throughout history have created sacred sites where the geometry of a celestial and terrestrial 'interface' nurtured a connection with the Spirit that matters,
especially at the solstices of the year when Earth energy grids are surging with a repolarization 'balance point'.

That made a lot of sense to my new sensibilities, and then I discovered another book that referenced a modern day 'mystery school' in California where I was determined to go for better understanding of my experience and 'strange' abilities.

This path is not for the feint-hearted or weak-minded. There's nothing 'extra' about 'Extra Sensory Perception' when you've got it. But that's not 'normal' for most of us. So I was quickly 'punished' foir acting out with 'powers' I was obviously not ready for.

What happened next was a big 'test', as you can read HERE.

Hitching a ride with Roger in his van.

After my 'test' dealing with family concerns for my mental health, I was compelled to go on a spiritual quest to what I believed was the "mountaintop" (source) of the mysteries of God.  Having little money but even less fear because my intention was pure, I traveled '1st class', putting out an open hand that encourages the Good Samaritan in people.

Little did I know that this journey would lead to one of the most bizarre examples of what Jung calls 'synchronicity' that I've ever heard of or could imagine possible.

Camping on the Oregon Coast

Hitchhiking from Troy Ohio, I got an exceptional ride near the state border with a guy on the way to Alaska. Roger agreed to take me as far as Seattle, which was not the most direct route to my San Jose destination, but we went the scenic route out through Yellowstone Park, up through Glacier National Park, and west to Seattle where I hitch-hiked down Highway 1, camping along the Coast.

The Inner Sanctum at the Mystery School

When I arrived at the mystery school, I discovered that classes were in session with subjects like 'mental world' that I signed up for.  Since I got my parents to cash in their life insurance policy on me before I left, I had just enough money to pay for my schooling and for a local boarding house dormitory with classmates. They were from all over the world -- a wide range of seekers and adepts who were also on the path.

Eneg from Nigeria in meditation

As my roommates shared some of their extraordinary mystical experiences between classes, my eyes opened to a world rarely seen in secular schools. One guy was an opera singer from Italy. Another had been on Iceland's Olympic Fencing Team. George had just got out of the Peace Core in Chile.  There was the street preacher from LA who made delicious cabbage soup for all of us. And Eneg was a school teacher from Nigeria who I often found in prayerful meditation.

Eneg kept to himself in a humble unpretentious way. I shared my experience of  'cosmic consciousness', and asked if he had any mystical experiences of his own. He shared this story:

While there was a civil war going on in Nigeria, Eneg was driving his school bus of students into the countryside when he heard an inner voice that told him with urgency to stop the bus and get the kids away into the bushes.  Obeying immediately, he evacuated the bus. After a few minutes the kids began questioning what was going on when a plane flew over and strafed the school bus with bullets. No one was hurt.

One naturally becomes open to spiritual powers when their pure intention focuses attention with love's retention for ascension in the dimension of Higher Power comprehension. Eneg was adept at this 'mediation with Source'.

This is the path unto sacred mysteries. The more aware we become of HOW we are conscious -- in co-Creation with Creator-God-Love 'Source' in good Conscience -- the conscious evolution process naturally involves and evolves enthusiasm for more of the conscientious common sense that is uncommon. 

This is "The Path" that reflects and perfects a connection with
Higher Power and Greater Wisdom in Cosmic .

It's the same for Net reality in civilization as it is for an individual. The order of the universe we discern for ourselves is the cosmic order we become. The holy spirit of  -in-action is for-giving, and we can't give what we don't have. That's why discernment is the first gift of the holy spirit.  When we get it, we graduate to public service at a higher level of 'synchronicity' with the cosmic scheme of things.

As I hitch-hiked home through Boulder Colorado, I looked up a friend who had moved there from O.S.U., and I considered moving to live there myself.  One evening I went walking in the neighborhood to get the feel of the community, walking up to a house with 'good vibes', music coming out the windows.  Just then, out walked a couple, and I just stood there as they approached. The guy greeted me with What's happening? In a few words, I told them how I had a vision back at OSU, hitch-hiked out through Yellowstone Park, up to Glacier National Park, out to the West Coast, down to a mystery school at San Jose, back through Lake Tahoe, "and here I am!" 

Just then, I noticed a God and Country medal pinned to the jeans of the young lady, and with great surprise I said, "That's not only a Boy Scout medal for God and Country, but also that each Church had a different one, and that's the one for the Methodist Church!  Where did you get that?" "Glacier National Park", she responded. "On the Going To The Sun Road?"  Yes, she said. "At the foot of a glacier?" She nodded in agreement. "WOW!  I lost that while shoe-skiing on the Glacier on the way out.  I got that in Boy Scouts and kept it over my heart in my shirt pocket, wondering at the meaning of God and Country as I went to the mystery school."

In shock for a moment, we just stood there.  When she began removing the medal I stopped her, saying that I would never forget this, and that she would get a lot more out of it.  As she protested, I insisted.  But when I ran into them the next day in downtown Boulder, I shot this picture.  It was far beyond coincidence the first time, and the second time, I got the message that I was supposed to have it back.

Note the God and Country Medal pinned on her pocket

Of course, there are no accidents in the universe, unless you believe that everything is mechanistic, pre-ordained and etched-in-stone with a fatalistic mind-set that you can't escape.  Such belief in predestination without the invisible hand of 'Source' is just as extreme as no moral compass whatsoever.

The middle way between those extremes is an enlightened path. In the larger scheme of soul evolution, this is the path of Evolutionary Ascension - the upward-mobile path of victory virtues that counter victim dictum. At least, that's my experience after 47 years since initiation on this path.

Cosmic always represents
a Higher Power that speaks the
'Language of the Angels' (Love)
framed by cosmic-universal order;
The Law of the Angles of G.O.D.'
Geometric Ordered Divinity).
And the higher one's concept
G.O.D.- 'Source',
the greater the results with
intention, attention, retention
and ascension in a dimension
where cosmic rules
on Earth as in Cosmos.

This is the true home of 'God and Country' where the sacred meets the secular through the grace of wisdom in the Power of Love. Or as Socrates said so well,
“I am a citizen of the world; my nationality is good will.”

May Your Path be Blessed with
"Good Will' Understanding,

PS:  An audio version of this story is archived as my first BBS Radio show Cosmic Love which I've produced and hosted for 11 years. This true story from 47 years ago has inspired the revelations of in my Heartcom Network blog and 2018 Global Upgrade Series.

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