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Fish from Heaven

  This is a true story as amazing as it may seem. The Great Spirit speaks to the
Family of Mankind in mysterious ways, and there is an inspired truth here for
  those who cherish this Spirit that matters for the miraculous transformation of
  our global village with new instant-everywhere-interactive Internet capabilities.

by Christopher Rudy 

Back in the summer of 2005, I took a group of eight young adults camping up to a high mountain lake full of cutthroat trout.  It took about four hours to hike up with full gear and my two sons and I caught a trout for everyone, cooking them over an open fire with toasted sesame oil and a hearty blend of wild rice.

The fun we had around the campfire, sharing our lives in a pristine wilderness area shared with mountain goats and grizzly bears, was exhilarating.  As an Eagle Scout, I had spent a lot of time in the woods and hiking through wilderness, but I'd never experienced such a perfect moment that was so magical with the mix of nature and youth on the threshold of life.

Waking early the next morning and starting the fire while everyone slumbered, I got breakfast going and left to catch some trout before hiking out. Unlike the day before, they weren't biting. 

There was a mystical stillness on the waters and a thick veil of level cloud had descended to about 20 feet over the lake.  I felt like I was sandwiched between heaven in earth. There was a palpable sense of the sacred that my fishing seemed to interrupt.

Going into a a reverie with the mood of the moment, I made a call to the universe, God, whatever... to give me a sign that I was really connected... with a fish... if the Great Spirit would allow this.  There was pure intent with full expectation and anticipation that it would be so, by the grace of Spirit.

It had just begun to sprinkle rain, and coming out of my reverie, I put my fishing pole down to go back to the camp and get my poncho when I heard a splash far across the lake.  I turned to see a big osprey struggling to get airborne with a huge trout .




It was flying low across the lake in front of me when a bald eagle came flying at the osprey from straight across the lake... with obvious intent to get that fish. As the eagle approached the osprey, it began flying over in my direction to get away.  And just as the eagle swooped at the osprey, it dropped the trout on the bank right in front of me!  Flopping towards the lake, I immediately grabbed it, marveling at the miracle of the moment.

While still in awe with this good fortune, I picked up my fishing pole and found another trout on the end of it!  Reeling it in, I cast again and caught another one. In quick succession, I caught my days limit of five.  Sharing this experience back at the campfire was met with a mix of awe and incredulity.

Who would have thought that a fish would drop out of heaven in answer to a simple prayer.  As I've always told my kids, we get what we ask for whether we know it or like it or not... but this was off the chart.  I've studied the mysteries of nature and Co-creation with the Great Spirit for many years and know that what we pray for with pure intent is not seldom the prelude of the manifestation.

I think everyone knows -- in their heart of hearts -- that the future is what we make it.  I went up to that mountain lake with pure intent to show my kids and their friends what life was REALLY about.  I didn't know how to do that, but my intent was pure, the environment was pure, and the magic of the moment outpictured a higher lesson on the screen of life that only a Higher Power can produce. 

Heaven knows that there are only divine solutions to human problems. The human condition is typically so "dense" that we don't realize how we are both the problem AND the solution... with free-will choice to know and BE the difference.  The worldly world has become so crazed with unnatural practices that we tolerate unnatural solutions to ungodly problems... and consider it 'normal' -- the justice that just is... that gets along by going along with the downward spiral of 'old world values' while failing to assert the upward spiral of  'new world virtues'.

Many of us have bought into the baubles and trinkets of worldliness and sold our souls to the matrix of unreality which rewards pseudo-success with money and power... and feeds into the matrix of inordinate policies in our social, political and economic institutions... in the name of 'good business'.

Love of the world and its values has always been enmity with otherworldliness and its virtues. The most difficult thing in the world is to remain non-attached to the worldly 'norm' of politically correct thought, feeling and behavior that is morally wrong.

The cosmic joke is thinking there is any "security" (physically) without "purity" (spiritually).  The Internet "web of consciousness" is just a mirror of who we are and what we see. It's like a giant brain connecting all the computer "brain cells" of the planet, but the only consciousness it has is the consciousness we bring to it.  "Net reality" is the whole point of connection -- the holy "whole" of BEING (BE IN God-love). 

Some would say that being wholly connected to "the fish" -- is symbolic. Indeed, one of the symbols of early Christianity. Other's would look past this symbolism with a more Buddhic appreciation of the process of desire fulfillment. Ultimately, not just for getting, but for giving. Not just "self elevation" (salvation) for oneself but for civilization at large.  This is the Great Spirit at the heart of the miracle of the moment -- the instant-everywhere-interactive "connection" (mediator) for the Great Spirit of 'All That Is', 'Source', 'God', 'Higher Power'... whatever. 

Embracing the miracle of the moment is the CHOICE that the living Spirit of Christic-Love mediation brings to the dense sense of separation and suffering -- the worldly world of victim dictum that revolves the "suffering sinner/saint syndrome" which never takes Christ off the cross nor affirms the resurrection and ascension of civilization.  And yet, that is the CHOICE that our "global village" now has. Time and space are eliminated by our new instant-everywhere and interactive Net reality.  The Family of Man has never been more connected.  And "the fish" is the connection - the "mediator".

Without vision -- the Net reality of "US" (United Sovereigns) in a global village-- the people perish.  But with vision -- conscientious common sense centered in the Higher Power of greater LOVE -- the love of power of power elite potentates is checked and balanced as the power of love raises mankind as kind men.

"Where love rules, there is no will to power.
And where
power predominates, there love is lacking.
The one is the shadow of the other."
- Father of Modern Psychology, Carl Gustav Jung

It really is a cosmic joke -- thinking we are in control while denying divine solutions of Higher Power. Amazing that we don't see the natural solution via pure intention for good as manifests through the whole, holy or otherwise Great Spirit of LOVE-in-action.  Such acknowledgement and affirmation of Higher Power -- the Spirit that matters -- always trumps human self-sabotage.  The virtue in the Constitution has always been the Constitution of virtue.

Pure intent with expectation and anticipation of good things to come does indeed become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  There is divine order in the universe and divine grace that blesses our consciousness, BEING and world when we have eyes to SEE what the poor in spirit are not able or willing to SEE.  In a free will universe, Greater LOVE is a choice.  We just need to connect with that "fish from heaven".

I hope those young adults got that message.  I hope mature adults get it. 

The world is what we make it.  And in the eternal scheme of conscious evolution,
we learn to 'fish' or otherwise co-Create with the Source we all come from.

All Ways Victory When LOVE is the Vehicle,

- Christopher


"Man can harness the winds, the waves and the tides,
but when he can harness the
power of love,
then for the second time in the history of the world,
man will have discovered fire."
~ Teihard de Chardin